Germany - Spain 0:1
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Spain and the Joy of Playing

Watching the Spanish team, the fantasy is that they could follow in the footsteps of the team that won everything from 2008 to 2012

Germany - Spain 0:1 Germany – Spain 0:1 / FRANCK FIFE / AFP / Profimedia
jul 05 2024, 05:00


Eight are still left, but all twenty-four nations have contributed to the success of the tournament. Atmospherically anyway, but also in sporting terms. The 5:1 in Germany’s opening match against Scotland remained an exception, the rule was close matches and tight results. When Uefa increased the number of participants in a European Championship a few years ago, I was sceptical. Now I’m glad that Europe is so well represented.

National teams are about a different why for footballers. They compete for their home country and form a bond with their fans. Euro 2024 has developed a European flair. There is exuberance in the stands and many scenes on the pitch are heart-wrenching.

The little ones have to adapt, and they manage to do so because they embrace their role as underdogs. They play defensively and want to capitalise on their few chances. When they counter-attack, a murmur goes through the stadium and sometimes the fans scream the ball into the goal. One for all, all for one. That’s what people want to see.

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